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Melodramatic (Part One) - Hetalia Fanfiction
*England's 3rd Person POV*
Arthur groaned, rubbing at his head where he was sure a bump was to form. He closed his eyes for a few moments as the dizziness passed before opening them again. There he sat, on the floor of the conference room. He blinked a few times in confusion. He had just been at his house, having a nice cup of tea before heading back to do paperwork... hadn't he? Maybe he had fallen off of his chair because of the stupid frog and had gotten a concussion.
Standing up, Arthur was fully prepared to give Francis an earful before noticing all of the other countries slowly getting up, rubbing their heads as well. He frowned at the scene, none of the pieces matching up in his head. Had there been an earthquake? The room should have been overturned if there had been. So what happened?
"The hell just happened-" Arthur heard Alfred groan. Arthur glanced over to the young country, noticing that he looked just as confused.
Arthur observed the other countries slowly standing up bef
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2P Romano X Reader .:I Will Kill You:.
   Contest Entry for
You sighed in boredom as you walked down the busy streets. It was morning rush hour and you had been caught in it. You pulled your hoodie closer to you trying to dodge people. You were wearing blue jeans and (f/c) converse to work. Not professional but you always dressed like this and your boss really didn't care.
Where did you work you may ask?
Your friend/ crush and boss, Flavio's, boutique.  You named it and he could design it. He was the best designer in town and people paid considerable amounts of money to ge their hands on his outfits.
The thing was he hired you because of your 'skill' and he had decided you were going to be his apprentice. You met him when you both went to art school. He majored in Fashion and you in Art. You both had met through design class. After seeing you potential he asked you to work part time at his family's shop. You were short on money
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